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Acacia Ugg Boot

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Sizing Guide

It is best to measure your foot to get the best fit for you. Your bigger bare foot (usually your right) length measured from heel to top of the big toe. The best way to measure your foot is to place your bare foot against the wall, use a pencil to mark the top of your toe and the bottom of your heel.

Your Acacia Atherton Amberly Avoca Shoe Size Your Bare Foot Length Your Other Shoes Might Be Sized As: US UK Euro
5 22.6 cm 8.9" 5 3 36
6 23.5 cm 9.3" 6 4 37
7 24.3 cm 9.6" 7 5 38
8 25.1 cm 9.9" 8 6 39
9 26 cm 10.3" 9 7 40
10 26.8 cm 10.6" 10 8 41
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Acacia – All things fashion forward and fashionably fierce

Step out in style with the Acacia. The perfect marriage between comfy wedges and even comfier boots, the spanking new pair from Koalabi's latest footwear range features an exterior made out of genuine sheepskin and leather as well as a sheepskin insole that can be removed depending on whether that extra bit of fuzzy warmth is needed. The moulded wedge heels are created out of lightweight rubber and are durable which makes the Acacia perfect for, say, a shopping spree abouttown where you'll be spending long hours on your feet.

On top of the aforementioned features, the Acacia can be folded up or down making it very versatile style-wise by giving wearers the option of having differing lengths to suit different looks and also making it a pair of trusty shoes that will see you through warmer as well as colder weather conditions.Wearing a pair of these boots is as easy as dressing them up.

Simply pull them on and you're all set to go and if you haven't any idea what to wear them with, you could, for starters, begin with a pair of skinny trousers and have them tucked into the gorgeous boots accompanied by a printed blouse. If it's freezing outside, throw on a chic trench coat as a complimentary piece to the warm and stylish Acacia. Additionally, you could incorporate them into office wear by pairing the Acacia with, for example, a sleek leather skirt and a crisp shirt underneath a smart blazer.


  • Sheepskin and leather upper
  • Removable sheepskin insole
  • Durable & light weight rubber moulded wedge
  • Pull on boot
  • Optional leg lengths

Origin: Designed in Melbourne Australia by Binder Production and Manufactured Overseas. All manufacturing processes and quality control is stictly followed and monitored to that of Binder Production P/L

* Colours May Vary Between Illustration and Actual Colour 



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