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Parksy Ugg Boot

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Sizing Guide

It is best to measure your foot to get the best fit for you. Your bigger bare foot (usually your right) length measured from heel to top of the big toe. The best way to measure your foot is to place your bare foot against the wall, use a pencil to mark the top of your toe and the bottom of your heel.

Size Bare Foot Length US Ladies US Mens UK (LADIES) Euro (LADIES)
4 21.8 cm 8.6" 4 3 2.5 35
5 22.6 cm 8.9" 5 4 3 36
6 23.5 cm 9.3" 6 5 4 37
7 24.3 cm 9.6" 7 6 5 38
8 25.1 cm 9.9" 8 7 6 39
9 26 cm 10.3" 9 8 6.5 40
10 26.8 cm 10.6" 10 9 7.5 41
11 27.7 cm 10.9" 11 10 8 42
12 28.5 cm 11.2" 12 11 9 43
13 29.3 cm 11.5" 13 12 10 44
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Parksy – A little sidestep from the conventional. A refreshing take on the classic sheepskin boots.

The Parksy is designed with an interesting twist on top of the usual features of the sheepskin boots.New from Koalabi's latest footwear range, the boots boast a soft exterior, that can be attributed to the use of suede and 100% genuine sheepskin, and an equally soft interior lined with sheepskin. Just like the classic boots, the Parksy serves to provide a warm and extremely comfortable environment for your feet plus alongside lightweight soles with traction, the boots are nothing less than durable and makes long distance walking that much more bearable. However, unlike the classic boots, the Parksy can be unzipped – simply pull down on the zipper that features fun bead trims – and folded down for a flash of fuzzy fur.With the features of the Parksy, braving the cold front that winter is usually equated to no longer has to be done with icy cold toes and feet. The comfy boots can be worn both indoors and outdoors so it doesn't matter if you've decided to spend the day inside getting your work done or snuggling up for a movie marathon with close friends or if you're out and about checking things off your to-do or to-get list, the Parksy, with its primary functions being comfort and practicality, will serve to be the perfect companion.

 Sheepskin upper with unique angled zip so boots can be worn either  up and folded down

Made from 100% luxurious Australian Double Faced Sheepskin.

Flexible & lightweight blown EVA. Long wearing, high traction rubber, to keep you grounded.

* Colours May Vary Between Illustration and Actual Colour  



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