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Romper Ugg Boot

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Available Sizes
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  • Step 1 :
    Measure your feet from heel to toe
    foot length
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Sizing Guide

It is best to measure your foot to get the best fit for you. Your bigger bare foot (usually your right) length measured from heel to top of the big toe. The best way to measure your foot is to place your bare foot against the wall, use a pencil to mark the top of your toe and the bottom of your heel.

Size Bare Foot Length US Ladies US Mens UK (LADIES) Euro (LADIES)
4 21.8 cm 8.6" 4 3 2.5 35
5 22.6 cm 8.9" 5 4 3 36
6 23.5 cm 9.3" 6 5 4 37
7 24.3 cm 9.6" 7 6 5 38
8 25.1 cm 9.9" 8 7 6 39
9 26 cm 10.3" 9 8 6.5 40
10 26.8 cm 10.6" 10 9 7.5 41
11 27.7 cm 10.9" 11 10 8 42
12 28.5 cm 11.2" 12 11 9 43
13 29.3 cm 11.5" 13 12 10 44
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Romper – Simple yet stylish, soft yet extremely sturdy.

Most would know just how comforting the warm, fuzzy feeling one gets when wrapped in thick clothing on a harshly cold winter day is, but some tend to leave the feet out of the equation even when the feet happens to be the first to detect icy chills. Enter the Romper. A product of Koalabi and minty fresh from the Aussie brand's latest range of boots, the Romper is crafted out 100% sheepskin inside and out.

Grade A twin-face Merino sheepskin is crafted into a lining – pattern or none, you make the call – that covers the inner portion of the boots to keep feet well hidden from the unforgiving chills of winter while keeping things comfortable for your feet in having to endure long walks; the reinforced EVA ridged rubber soles certainly helps too. The inner lining extends all the way to the top and can be folded over when the weather gets a little warmer or folded up for extra warmth or length. Should you choose the former option, the fold is held in place with a leather strap that's adorned with a metal logo buckle. The exterior of the Romper is made out of sheepskin as well but in a more polished and presentable form so it won't appear as if you have on a bunch of wool on your feet. Be it inside or out, the sheepskin wicks moisture away so feet are not only kept warm but also dry on days when the rain never seems to stop.


 Sheepskin upper with unique collar detailing
Made from 100% luxurious Australian Double Faced Sheepskin.

Flexible & lightweight blown EVA. Long wearing, high traction rubber, to keep you grounded.

* Colours May Vary Between Illustration and Actual Colour  



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