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Tall Button Boots

Retail Price $225.00, 12% off*

Classic Short Koalabi

Retail Price $249.00, 44% off*

Classic Tall Koalabi

Retail Price $299.00, 37% off*

Short Aqua Fleece - Metallic Grey

Retail Price $199.00, 20% off*

Classic Short Ugg

Retail Price $249.00, 44% off*

Classic Tall Ugg

Retail Price $299.00, 37% off*

Hadley Mini - Swarovski Ugg Boot

Retail Price $229.00, 13% off*

Ugg Boots Australia

Ugg Boots Australia is a fully owned Australian business sourcing the best quality sheepskin ugg footwear in Australia. We manufacture high quality sheepskin ugg boots made from first grade double faced Australian Sheepskin, here in Melbourne Australia since 1989.

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Ugg Boots Australia is an online retailer for quality, genuine Australian ugg boots and related products. Customers can browse our online catalogue and purchase products from the comfort of their homes.

We aim to provide our customers with top class service to match our quality products. We work directly with the manufacturer - Australian own Jumbo Ugg Boots and Koalabi Australia - to give our customers satisfaction with lowest prices on all ugg boots, shorter waiting periods on all orders and swift, reliable and friendly customer service that's guaranteed to solve your queries!


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